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UBNC Calendar For 2017

May 27: The Get Acquainted Party

May 28: Yuba-Sutter Stand Down

June 2-4: Ramblers Black Jack Run

June 24: Hells Angels North - Fun In The Sun Run

June 30-31: Trinity Lake Run

July 1 to July 4: Yuba-Sutter Fireworks booth

July 15 & 16: Bikes by the Bay Eureka

July 29: State of Jefferson - One More Won't Hurt Run in Happy Camp

August 5: Hi-Bars & Lo Cars Poker Ru

August 11-12: Trinity County - Brothers In Arms Run

August 26: Fire & Ice Run

September 11: Shasta County 911 Emergency Run

September 16: Ramblers Horseshoe Tournament

September 26-24: F-Troop Yard Sale

October 8: Shasta County Save Second Base Run

October 9: Shasta County Food Drive - Sav-Mor

October 14: Trinity County Toy Run - Hayfork

October 16: Shasta County Food Drive - Holiday Market

October 21: Hells Angels North Fright Night

October 21: Trinity County Toy Run - Lewiston

November 6: Shasta County Toy Drive -Anderson Wal-Mart

November 12: UBNC Shasta County Toy Run

November 13: Tehama County Food Drive - at wal-mart

November 27: Tehama County Toy Drive - at wal-mart

December 2: Crossroads Pre-Toy Run Party.

December 2: Tehama County Toy Drive

December 3: 42nd Annual Toy Drive Humboldt

December 4: Shasta County Toy Drive Toy Drive @ K-Mart

December 10: The Shasta County Save Christmas Run

December 11: Shasta County Toy Drive -Redding Wal-Mart


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