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Dedicated to the Freedom and Safety of All Motorcyclists




Welcome to the United Bikers of Northern California website. We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization. We are Dedicated to the Freedom and Safety of All Motorcyclist and Our mission is simple.

We dream up excuses to go for a ride, charge ourselves for that ride and then give all of the money to a Local Charity. Some of the more prominent recipients of this giving nature are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Visions of the Cross, among others. This first page is dedicated to our founder, Donald T. MacNeil . He was the driving force creating this organization. the picture below is from the first Get Acquainted Party that he has ever missed. It felt like he was there anyway.

The Organization is comprised of hundreds of Bikers from throughout the Northstate who all agree on one thing, getting along while doing good things for our communities. Lot's of different people from all kinds of different groups, clubs and organizations, as well as individuals, all come together to support local charitable events in their own communities.

You can join the UBNC or support us by coming to our runs, or you can sit at home wondering why no one will ride with you. Check out the rest of our website then come and check us out. You'll have a great time, We guarantee it.

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Ride to Live -- Live to Give -- Give to Ride -- Live to Ride

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